Club Competitions and Challenges

2021 Club Duels

This year we’re changing up our intra-club competition. This will hopefully make us brew outside of our comfort zone and be creative. Each participant for each round will receive one point. If you win your “duel” you’ll receive another point. Then all of the duel winners will then go up against each other for an overall winner for that round to score an extra point. Each round you can score up to 3 points. These duels are a work in progress, just email Wick at if you have any suggestions to improve.

Cheers and Good Luck!

Challenge 1: Makeshift Mashout (May 2021)


  • Chocolate Malt
  • Dark Invert Syrup
  • Imperial Rustic B56
Match-up Winner
Wick / Bryan Bryan
Richard B / Jimmy/Bill Jimmy/Bill
Joe / Josh Joe
Eric / Chris N Eric

Overall Winner: Joe

Standings Points
Joe 3
Bryan 2
Eric 2
Jimmy/Bill 2
Chris N 1
Josh 1
Richard B 1
Wick 1

Challenge 2: Brewing Draft - June 2021

Brewer Malt Yeast Other
Joe Flaked Rice S-04 Mosaic
Josh Vienna Voss Amarillo
William Special B BE-256 First Gold
Jimmy B Honey Malt Bell Saison EKG
Chris N Pale Chocolate Imperial Juice Nelson Sauvin
Bryan Crystal-40 Imperial A10 Darkness Northern Brewer
Richard B Golden Promise 34/70 Simcoe
Wick Malted Oats Scottish Ale Motueka
Chris E Flaked Oats Hefe Honey
Jimmy/Bill Victory Wyeast 3711 Fuggles
Eric Maris Otter US-05 Citra
Richard D Flaked Barley West Yorkshire Cacao Nibs
Match-up Winner
Josh / William Josh
Eric / Jimmy/Bill Jimmy/Bill
Bryan / Chris E Bryan
Richard D / Joe Joe
Chris N / BYE Chris N
Jimmy B / Wick Wick

Overall Winner: Bryan

Standings Points
Bryan 5
Joe 5
Jimmy/Bill 4
Chris N 3
Eric 3
Josh 3
Wick 3
Chris E 1
Jimmy B 1
Richard B 1
Richard D 1
William 1

Challenge 3: Sessions Beers (Under 5% ABV) - August 2021


  • Last Brewer Standing